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    PLIMES Inc.

  • Our Mission

    World-class Research and Technology for People and Society

    PLIMES Inc. is a university spin-off company launched in April 2018 to create a pathway to market for academic research innovations originating from the research achievements at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Center for Cybernics Research and Center for Innovative Medicine and Engineering at the University of Tsukuba. We are social enablers, and as a social problem-solving business, we operate to dramatically enhance user experience and social interaction for people with special needs. We received funds from the Japan Science and Technology Agency for creating a start-up to bring the wearable device for monitoring swallowing to market. We spent over 10 years developing these fundamental technologies, and now they are ready to transfer to society.

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    AI for Monitoring Swallows

    (International Shipping will be available soon.)

  • What's New

    2020/05/22 Presented a lecture at the "NRW Japan K.K. Fireplace WebTalk"

    Our CEO, Kenji Suzuki was invited as a guest speaker to the "NRW Japan K.K. Fireplace WebTalk- Digital Health - COVID-19 as a Catalyst for Changes in the German/NRW and Japanese Health Care System - Developments in Medical Regulations, Clinical Environments and Business Opportunities“ and presented a lecture titled “AI/IoT measures swallowing.”

    2020/03/24 Raised 150 Million yen in the Seed Round and Formed a Business Alliance with CYBERDYNE Inc.

    PLIMES Inc. raised 150 million yen seed funds from CYBERDYNE Inc. (HQ: Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki, CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai) through the third-party allotment. In addition, we formed a business alliance with CYBERDYNE to accelerate further development of "GOKURI" and market access.

    2019/09/5 Our vision and technology of GOKURI was introduced in Think Hong Kong

    'Watching TOKYO /Ibaraki and Tsukuba's cutting-edge technology`
    Our vision and GOKURI technology were reported by Think Hong Kong (September 5, 2019) in a News (Chinese Only ).

    2019/08/11 GOKURI was introduced in The Straits Times

    'The age of artificial intelligence: Helping seniors live longer, healthier in Tokyo`
    GOKURI technology was reported by The Straits Times (August 11, 2019) in a News. The Straits Times is the largest Singapore newspaper publisher to distribute news in English.

    2019/07/11 Our technology was introduced in The Japan Times

    'Smart plastics' and new devices help Japan age gracefully`
    PLIMES's efforts of a technology was reported by The Japan Times (July 11, 2019) in a News. The Japan Times is a Japanese newspaper publisher to distribute news of Japan and the world in English.

    2018/05/09 We are pleased to announce the launch of our company website

    Corporate website and product website (GOKURI, only in Japanese) are now available.

  • Meet Our Executive Team

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    Kenji Suzuki, PhD

    CEO & Co-Founder

    President & CEO. Professor of AI and Robotics at the Univ. of Tsukuba. Director of the Center for Cybernics Research. PI of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

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    Tomoya Shimo, PhD

    COO & Co-Founder

    Vice President & COO. Obtained PhD in Engineering and Master in Medical Sciences from the Univ of Tsukuba. Prior to joining PLIMES, he was a researcher at the Univ of Tsukuba.

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    Dushyan J., PhD

    CTO & Co-Founder

    CTO. Obtained BSc from the Univ. of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka) and PhD from the University of Tsukuba. Prior to joining PLIMES, he was a researcher at the Uni.v of Tsukuba.

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  • Company Overview

    Company Name: PLIMES Inc.

    Date founded: April 18, 2018

    Main Business Activities: R&D of Innovative Devices and Systems for Medical and Healthcare

    Company Address

    [Tsukuba Main Site]
    Room 201, ILC Research Center

    1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba 305-8577, Japan

    Inquiries & Media

    For general inquiries regarding our company and feedback and suggestions, publicity or requests for interviews, please contact us via chat.